Jungle Jim gets into a 6-foot balloon!

Jungle Jim gets into a 6-foot balloon!

“Libraries Rock” is the 2018 summer reading theme developed by the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP). To fit with this totally awesome music theme, Jungle Jim's new show is titled “80s Rock the Library.” Jungle Jim’s tubular balloon magic show combined with comedy, improv and rad elements from 1980s classics makes this one righteous show you won’t want to miss!

Other Programs:

Minecraft Madness! Join Jungle Jim as he leads your young patrons through the magical world of Minecraft! Activities include the Building Block Madness Tournament, a riveting Zombie Chase, the Balloon Firework Rocket extravaganza, and the incredible giant slime-ball creation!

The Wild About Reading Balloon Magic Show combines balloon artistry, magic, comedy and improv to create an amazing experience for children! The children are given a series of safari adventure challenges, which are interactive performance pieces that will help them train to be safari adventurers. If they pass the challenges (which we know they will!), they will get to see a fantastic, mind-blowing finale!

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Academy Training is a fully-interactive program that prepares participants to become wizards themselves! Professor Jungle-Flick teaches children how perform their own magic, play some Quidditch and even learn Defense Against the Dark Arts! Over a dozen volunteers participate in this performance, and the whole show is a lot of fun. Get your camera ready, because you’ll be catching some great shots of your patrons laughing, smiling and having the best time of their lives!

Jungle Jim's Superhero Training is blasting off to New England Libraries! Join Jungle Jim as he leads young patrons through the rigors of being a true superhero! Volunteers from the audience are transformed into traditional superheroes. The show progresses to talk about the heroes in our daily lives. Lastly, Jim will lead the audience through the idea that they can be heroes themselves!

*Jungle Jim regularly applies for Massachusetts Cultural Council grants for libraries and has had a great deal of success. Please don’t hesitate to ask us to fill out a grant application for your library. Applications for 2018 are due October 16th.