Library performances mean a great deal to me. When I was a child, I was shy and had few friends. The one thing that got me through those tough times, my one saving grace, was books. I spent every summer of my childhood at the library. I loved everything about it. The shelves upon shelves of books. The silence suggested to me something greater at work then just paper and ink. I remember walking to the checkout line with as many books as I could carry, stopping to read a bit, and becoming so engrossed that the librarians would have to remind me they were about to close and I had to check out (a sign of my future ADHD).

That’s why I love performing in libraries. I get to share my joy of books and where they can take you with enthusiastic, excited children. I get to fire kids up about reading and what the library has in store for them. Its why I chose balloons as my medium. Books can take you anywhere you want to go. With balloons, there isn’t anything in the world we can’t create.

So I hope you’ll consider me for your summer reading program. My shows use over a dozen child volunteers and a hundred intricately-twisted balloons. It’s interactive, high energy, and a whole lot of fun. My focus is on one goal: to inspire and motivate children to make the library their own magical place.