Ann Lattinville - Scituate Public Library - Scituate, MA

Shout out for Jungle Jim! Admittedly, balloons and balloon humor make me very happy, so I'm already biased, but Jim rocks. I was giggling the whole time.

First of all, he replied to my inquiry email almost immediately, he sent me an invoice on request, and he was in touch a few weeks before the performance and on the day of the performance.  He arrived early to set up and was ready to greet our patrons with as much energy and enthusiasm as if he hadn't done other performances that day. We block booked with Rockland (THANK YOU ROCKLAND!). 

Not only that, we had our performance in temporary space that had NO Air Conditioning on a very muggy day and that did not seem to bug Jim. We also had our summer reading sign ups before and after the show, so he waited a few minutes for people to settle in after getting their reading materials-- i.e. he was totally cool working on "Scituate-Time." 

Highly recommend Jim for a high-energy, fun, and delightful treat!

Ann L.