Library Performer Massachusetts

Noelle Boc - Tewksbury Public Library

I loved working with Jim because he is extremely organized, friendly and professional. Everything from booking on out is clear and communication is easy. A pleasure to work with! 

Jungle Jim's rapport with the audience was extraordinary. The children and parents were all happily and actively engaged in every moment of the show, and if anyone strayed, Jim was able to reel them back in immediately. His energy level is through the roof without it being over the top, making his performance hard to take your attention off of.

The most important thing to know about working with Jim is that his show is well worth your effort to have at your library, no matter which program you choose. It will be fun, humorous and popular and all you will hear are positives from your patrons. 

Diann Hadduch - Reuben Hoar Library

One reason I really like having Jungle Jim come to the  Reuben Hoar Library is I know that I am getting a quality program and a real crowd pleaser! He is also great with crowd control and making sure EVERYONE has an enjoyable experience!

One thing Jim does different than other entertainers is his educational high-energy balloon show is unique to the circuit of performers I have had. He definitely will be on my 2015 list of performers!

One moment I remember from his performance (that the children really enjoyed) was that I was the mouse who was caught in the trap and Jim made me ears and a tail to match my outfit! As he says, "It's all in the details." And, he DOES pay attention to those details throughout the show! Fun for the whole family!

Kitty Schact - Mansfield Public Library

Thank you for the performance, it was great, and it was truly different.  Simple machines as you've never seen them before, hands on and occasionally exploding! Whether you need to catch a mouse or not, you can't beat this fun and educational performance. In the hands of Jungle Jim balloons turn children into active participants in a simple-machine extravaganza!