New England Library Performer

Tahleen Shamlian - Gleason Public Library

Working with Jungle Jim was a great experience all around. The booking went smoothly, he got there with plenty of time to set up, and he is a super nice guy. The kids loved the performance and were very excited to volunteer and help him out on stage! I especially appreciate how he created a show to fit the summer's theme, and how he was so engaged with all the kids who attended, even remembering some of their names as the show progressed. His show did not disappoint. I would definitely work with Jim again in the future.

Gleason LIbrary

Diann Hadduch - Reuben Hoar Library

One reason I really like having Jungle Jim come to the  Reuben Hoar Library is I know that I am getting a quality program and a real crowd pleaser! He is also great with crowd control and making sure EVERYONE has an enjoyable experience!

One thing Jim does different than other entertainers is his educational high-energy balloon show is unique to the circuit of performers I have had. He definitely will be on my 2015 list of performers!

One moment I remember from his performance (that the children really enjoyed) was that I was the mouse who was caught in the trap and Jim made me ears and a tail to match my outfit! As he says, "It's all in the details." And, he DOES pay attention to those details throughout the show! Fun for the whole family!

Kitty Schact - Mansfield Public Library

Thank you for the performance, it was great, and it was truly different.  Simple machines as you've never seen them before, hands on and occasionally exploding! Whether you need to catch a mouse or not, you can't beat this fun and educational performance. In the hands of Jungle Jim balloons turn children into active participants in a simple-machine extravaganza!